The 20th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture 2003

The 19th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture (2001)

Organizer: Ube City, Committee of the Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Mainichi Newspaper
Sponser:  Ube Industries,Ltd.

1. Theme:HIBIKU, sympathetic vibration
2. Exhibit:A 50 cm^3 maquette (include pedestal)
     Only one plan per presenter   Only unpublished
     The actual work must be suitable for outside exhibit and harmless.
     You can attach the photographs, computer graphics, comments, etc. in order to present actual
     work's image. (Paper size is 420×297 mm)
3. Deadline to Submit Application:October 18, 2002
4. Where To Submit:Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition Secretariat
     1-7-1 Tokiwa-cho Ube Yamaguchi 755-8601 Japan
     Telephone +81-836-34-8616  Facsimile +81-836-22-6066
5. Entry Fee:5,000 yen Must send with the application by registered letter for sending cash.
     Entry fee will not be returned regardless of reason.
     For overseas applicants, can pay the fee by international postal money order for corresponding to
     5,000 yen at the approriate exchange rate at the time of application.
     In the case of indirect carry-in, you must send 3,000 yen as handling expense (packing and
     storing etc.) in addition to entry fee.
     The money must be send by registered letter for sending with application.
     (for overseas applicants, international postal money)
6. Carry in Maquette:
(1) Direct carry-in
   Date:November 1 〜 4, 2002 Between 9 am and 4 pm
   Place:Tokiwa Lake Hall
     254 Okiube Ube Yamaguchi 755-0001 Japan
     Telephone +81-836-51-8518  Facsimile +81-836-51-8518
(2) Indirect carry-in
   Date:Octorber 28 〜 30, 2002 Between 9 am and 4 pm
   Place:Tokiwa Lake Hall The charge of sculpture exhibition
     254 Okiube Ube Yamaguchi 755-0001 Japan
     Telephone +81-836-51-8518  Facsimile +81-836-51-8518
   If it is possible, send your maquette through Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. nearest you so that
   whoever responsible for dilivery, storage and packing will be easy to spot in case of damage.
   Shipping Charge:Presenter will bear. (include insurance)
7. Returen of Maquette:
(1) Indirect carry-out
   Date:Nobvember 18 〜 20
   Place:Tokiwa Lake Hall
     254 Okiube Ube Yamaguchi 755-0001 Japan
   Trader:Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
     3-14-9 Matsushima Higashi-ku Fukuoka 813-0062 Japan
     Telephone +81-92-629-3111
   Shipping Charge:Presenter will bear. (include insurance)
     Maquette will be insured against completely destroyed for 100,000 yen.
(2) Direct carry-out
   Date:November 18 〜 19, 2002 Between 9 am and 4 pm
   Place:Tokiwa Lake Hall
8. Judging Day:November 7, 2002
9. Judges:
   Yasuo KAMON (chairman), Makoto IDO, Masato OHTAKA, Shigenobu KIMURA, Kyubee KIYOMIZU,
   Tadayasu SAKAI, Haruo SANDA, Kiichi SUMIKAWA,
   Yonekichi TANAKA, Arata TANI,
Hideo TOMIYAMA, Yusuke NAKAHARA, Tamon MIKI, Yuichiro YASUI
10. Winning:10 maquettes
   The winner will manufacture the actual size work to put it on the exhibition.
11. Maquette winning:about 20 maquettes
   These maquettes will be kept by the Scretariat until the exhibition is over.
12. Publication:
   Winners will be published on the Mainichi Newspaper and notified all presenter.
13. Public Appreciation:
   All the entrys will be displayed in the Tokiwa Lake Hall after the Judging.
(1) Date:November 9 〜 17
(2) My Favorite Maquette:
   Citizens will select excellent maquettes among selecting winners and maquette winners, and Ube
   City will purchase some high-ranker for 300,000 yen.

1. Date:October 1 〜 November 10, 2003
2. Place:Ube City Open-Air Sculpture Museum (in Tokiwa Park)
3. Theme:HIBIKU, sympathetic vibration
4. Organization:Consist of 10 winning sculptures and 10 invited ones.
   30 maquettes will be displayed at the same time.
5. The Size of Work:The work must fit in a 4 ton truck and transportable.
   (must fit the size of truck's loading platform, 600 cm long, 195 cm wide, and 280 cm high)
   If you will use the materials which have heavy gravity like stone, you can use a 10 ton truck.
   But you must keep strictly the capacity of a 4 ton truck's loading platform.
6. Awards:
  ※ Grand Prize (Ube City Prize)  5,000,000 yen
  ※ The 20th Aniversary (Tei-ichi HIJIKATA Memorial) Prize  2,000,000 yen
  ※ Ube Industries, Ltd. Prize 2,000,000 yen
  ※ Mainichi Newspaper Prize 1,500,000 yen
  ※ Ube City Open-Air Sculpture Museum Prize 1,000,000 yen
    Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura Prize  300,000 yen
    Hyogo Prefectual Museum of Art Prize  300,000 yen
    Yamaguchi Prefectual Museum of Art Prize  300,000 yen
    Shimonoseki City Art Museum (Shigeru UEKI Memorial) Prize   300,000 yen
7. Judging Day:September 30, 2003
8. Publication:October 1, 2003  Winners will be published on the Mainichi Newspape
9. Purchase of Works:
(1) Prize does not mean your work will be purchased. For ※ prize, Ube City has the priority right to
  For those decided to display permanently, City will purchase with additional 2,000,000 yen.
(2) For the other prize, sculpture may be purchased after the consultation between the prize sponsor
  and the sculptor
(3) Prize may be overlapped with another.
10. Citizen Prize:3 works will be selected by appreciators during the exhibition, and organizer gives
   winners the souvenir.
11. Judges:Same of the Public Subscription
12. Sculpturing:
(1) Period of Installation:August 8 〜 29, 2003
(2) Deadline of Final Plan:June 30, 2003
(3) Subsidy:Organizer will subsidize 1,500,000 yen for making a sculpture.
   The money will be paid after April 2003.
   If the sculptor cannot exhibit, 1,500,000 yen must be returned immediately to the organizer.
13. Transportation:
(1) Charge of Shipping and Installation:Organizer will bear. (Only in Japan)
(2) Transport Insurance:Organizer will get insurance for 1,500,000 yen.
(3) Carry-out:The work which Ube city does not purchase will carry out before the end of December,
14. Other:
(1) Organizer will take responsibility to keep the sculptures safe.
  They cannot be responsible for damages caused by constructual defect or natural disasters.
(2) The site of installation will be decided by organizer's place setting committee.
(3) All copyrights to printing are reserved by organizer.

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