The space in the grandfather's nostril

Iwami Art Museum Prize, UBE tokiwa Museum Prize[Model Purchase Prize]

SATO Keiichi


H245×W327×D288cm, 250kg
FRP/stainless steel/styroform/lauan



For me, ideas appear as images inside my mind. My work recreates those images as faithfully as possible, while attempting to solve the problems involved in construction. This work is not a specific person, but was made to fit the details I imagined. It is a work that shows a universe that can be seen by peering into an old man's nostril. The light that looks like stars is in fact light coming through numerous small holes made along the hair whorl on the back of the head, and this simple contrivance causes astronomical scene to appear.
Based on the idea of massive universes existing inside our close friends and family, this work is filled with the hope that the majestic and the ordinary, profound and flimsy, refined and vulgar, radical and average, fantastic and every-day can be experienced together in the same dimension.

Comment for children

People are all part of the universe, but each person is a universe in themselves...maybe.

Seed-ABIRU Shogo
The 25th UBE Biennale International Open Sculpture Competition Model Exhibition - Finalists for Full Size Creation
Collection-KAMADA Shohei
UBE tokiwa Museum
3-4-29, Nonaka
Ube-city, Yamaguchi,
7550025, Japan