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風の灯台 Lighthouse in the wind


ナカイデ タケヒコ NAKAIDE Takehiko

東京都 Tokyo, Japan

ed_01_nakaide h_IMG_0238.jpg







The light does not come on, but the windmill spins.

When you go into the tower and look up, you will realize that the tower is a big kaleidoscope.

You would feel that you get a little closer to the unknown world.

You would feel that you might be able to meet people who are far away again.







Message for children

Some day wind blows, some day not.

Sometimes things go as we like, sometimes not.

There are times where nothing goes along your will,

so in those times you could just wait, or even run away.

You will know when the time comes.

Construction Kit Animal 組み立てキット動物

m_02-constrtion kit animal.jpg

Hans SCHOHL ハンス・ショール

ドイツ Germany

ed_02_hans portrait, Hans Schohl.jpg

Concept of the artwork

The sculpture Construction Kit Animal is made of 25mm sheet steel and is constructed like a building kit children play with. Although the sculpture seems to be light and airy it is heavy and massive. All parts are colorful painted with the help of more than 50 pupils from kindergarten, elementary school and high school.

The body of a bear with the golden horn of a rhino, the body of a cow but the legs of an antelope etc. You can see composed animals.

The sculpture is a funny and joyful animal pyramid and the visitor can discover the single parts of real existing animals. But another point of view is that the sculpture shows hybrid animals, mixed of different species. Genetic engineering and cloning are more and more commonplace science. What does the future hold? Our children and the next generations have to decide: Is it the right way to handle animals and nature like a construction kit?






時空ピラミッド Time - Space pyramid


北川 太郎 KITAGAWA Taro

兵庫県 Hyogo, Japan

ed_03_kitagawa h_IMG_0039.jpg



Concept of the artwork

Piling up stones to create a form, I attempted to 'visualise time'.



Message for children

There are many wonderful buildings made of stone in the world, such as pyramids in Egypt, Colosseum in Rome and the stone arrangement of Machu Picchu etc. Thinking of those stone buildings which ancient people gave their heart to build, I create a contemporary pyramid.

言葉 word


武田 克史 TAKEDA Katsushi

滋賀県 Shiga, Japan

ed_04_takeda IMG_0206.jpg



Concept of the artwork

Language reveals existence symbolically. When it is released in the chaotic world from 'self' to 'other', the 'other' who received the language internalise the perception. As a result a relationship is formed between the 'self' and the 'other', and a new language goes out from the 'other' to the 'self'. Humans always want this relationship, but unconscious elements involved in language affect this and the relationship tends to break in a short period of time. The essential nature of language is symbolisation, and the linguistic space created by ''self' and 'other' is always at a level of sadness.



Message for children

This work's subject matter is 'language'. It depicts a scene where it is difficult to deliver our own language to the person we are trying to communicate with. What is language? When we speak to someone, some words come back. We get a little closer in this moment. However, it is not easy to fully understand their feelings by language. After a while, the relationship which became closer through language falls apart again.

エルクの工事現場 Construction site of ELK


村中 保彦 MURANAKA Yasuhiko

広島県 Hiroshima, Japan

ed_05 muranaka h_IMG_0162.jpg





Concept of the artwork

Ten years have passed since I started making my works on the theme to 'combine animals and scaffoldings'.

I have been trying different combinations with various animal forms and scaffoldings, but the movements depend on the animals and I feel that there is always a new discovery. I started this series because I became interested in the contrast between the organic forms of animals and the mechanical shapes of scaffoldings, but in recent years my interest has been moving more towards imagining the actual process of making animals.

I am enjoying the combination which many people might find strange.

リメンバー宇部 Remember - ube


金 景暋 KIM Kyoung-Min

東京都 Tokyo, Japan






Concept of the artwork

The concept of this work is the sound of water and the space. In a certain place (space), one expresses the scenery they see and the feelings they have in their language (letters) and drops it in the water. What I feel important is to move water by the dropped language and to create a new sound in the water (a sound which can be visually recognized). Through such phenomenon, I create movements of water which match the space, and express them in one form.

In this work, I thought of the attractive landscape and people's energy in Ube as well as the original concept, so I titled the work 'remember-ube'.

The shape of water in stainless steel has a feeling of forever flowing water and a form of a hard metal dripping like a drop, giving the work some softness.

北極星との交信Ⅴ Contact with the Polaris V


藤島 明範 FUJISHIMA Akinori

茨城県 Ibaraki, Japan

ed_07_fujishima IMG_0054.jpg



Concept of the artwork

I form a relationship with Polaris. Tokiwa park in Uber city, Yamaguchi prefecture locates at 33°56′N.

There is a hole in my sculpture at 33°56′ angle, so when it is rightly installed according to the axis the light from Polaris will come into the hole. When people look into this hole which is right in the middle of the sculpture, they can see the light departed 433 light years away in the outer space. The hole always captures the Polaris light, so we can feel the existence of Polaris all the time, even during the day. I hope that people gather in Tokiwa park will have a conversation with the light of Polaris and turn their thoughts to the space.



水陸(共生)Land and water (symbiosis)


首藤 晃 SHUDO Akira

青森県 Aomori, Japan

ed_08_shudou h_IMG_0158.jpg



Concept of the artwork

The theme of this work is coexistence. Some objects like an aquatic organism and a farming tool merge and are trying to go to the opposite direction against each other (water and land). The functionalities they have are different and might look conflicting, but in fact they can function a little on the other side as well. For example, the part looks like a hand of the aquatic creature functions as a sickle on the land, and the tip of the farming tool works as a fin in the water. They do not suggest any kind of specific function as a whole, but if people can turn their thoughts and feelings to the relationship between mankind and other creatures or how to interact with the nature, then I believe it could be the function of this artwork.

この星の声 Voice of the Earth


土井 宏二 DOI Koji

石川県 Ishikawa, Japan

ed_09_doi IMG_0019.jpg




Concept of the artwork

Countless stars shine when we look up the sky in the night. This planet earth is one of those stars in the dark, I come to remember. Underneath my feet is the land of that planet earth, and I stand on it.

I have been making sculptures in clay for a long time. I feel that clay is the earth itself. I use clay for my sculptures, the earth gets up in the world and crawls on the ground, and shout from the bowels of the earth. I thought of the history and how people lived together with the earth, and tried to express their presence through my sculpture in the landscape.




Message for children

Have you ever lied down on the ground? Have you ever felt and touched the heat of the earth? Have you ever dug a hole in the ground? Do you know the smell of the clay? Isn't it the smell of the earth?

Clay has various expressions and faces. Color, hardness, texture etc - please turn your thoughts to many different types of clay, ground and the earth. Please find a ground and touch the soil. Then stand in front of this sculpture. The sculpture made from the earth.

空想の軌跡Ⅱ Trajectory of meditation Ⅱ


熊谷 文秀 KUMAGAI Fumihide

北海道 Hokkaido, Japan

ed_10_kumagai IMG_0858.jpg




Concept of the artwork

The 'form' composed by ridges and curves indicates nothing. It does not have any language to mean anything. Not putting into words, the sensory image which the 'form' unconsciously makes creates a fantasy world.








Message for children

Please have a look at the work from many different angles.

Walk around it, get closer or go farther, stretch or squat.

Please touch it.

Put your hand on the surface and stroke it, or put your finger on the edges and follow them.

You can think later about what the person might have thought when they made this artwork.

There is no literal 'taste' in this artwork which you can feel on your tongue, but I would like you to taste the 'shape' of it by using your eyes, hands and feet. I want you to feel it. It depends if you feel it is tasty or not, but I would be happy if you enjoy it.

りんご りんご apple apple

m_11-りんご りんご.jpg

土屋 昌義 TSUCHIYA Masayoshi

神奈川県 Kanagawa, Japan

ed_11_tsuchiya  h_IMG_0256.jpg


りんごは ふくよかでシンプルな形。だれからも愛され、気持ちが豊かになる。

藤村『初恋』・・・やさしく白き手をのべて 林檎をわれにあたへしは薄紅の秋の実に 人こひ初めしはじめなり・・・


Concept of the artwork

Apple has a plump and simple form. Everyone loves it, and it gives us rich feeling.

'You stretched out your pale white hand gently giving me an apple: like the ripening red of the autumn fruit my first feeling of love' - Toson Shimazaki 'Hatsukoi (First Love)'

To pass on this poem, I would like to draw an apple in everyone's heart in the days of the digital age.



The starting point of the artwork

It is not common to discuss architecture by only focusing on the beauty of the roof, but the copper roof of Japanese shrine and temple has an elegant feel. The secret is in the technique seen in the haze in Japanese, which is to make a seam combining small copper plates using a metalworking technique. By this old practical technique, one can create a flow of curve and rhythmical space according to their sensibilities. I felt that this technique could lead us to a new expression in sculpture.

遊 play


増野 智紀 MASUNO Tomoki

京都府 Kyoto, Japan

ed_12_masuno  h_IMG_0119.jpg






Concept of the artwork

My work completes when children go inside and play in it.

The image is 'wave', which came from Tokiwa park located by the sea.

My hope is for children to play as if they dive into the waves, and through the scenery I want them to grow their creativity all over the sky.

森の掟 The law of the forest


伊藤 嘉英 ITO Yoshihide

東京都 Tokyo, Japan

ed_p13_ito h_IMG_0239.jpg








Concept of the artwork

Human beings might be going towards an overwhelmingly wrong direction.

Having spent my adolescence thinking like this, I still have this feeling in me.

The rule of the forest... to follow the rule, to obey the rule... to accomplish the rule... to create a rule.

If we do not even know the rule, it is certain that we go towards a wrong direction.

This sulfurised copper work changes into green over a long period of time by forming patina on the surface - as if a forest covers it over.



安藤 泉 ANDO Izumi

神奈川県 Kanagawa, Japan

ed_14 ando h_IMG_0112.jpg




Concept of the artwork

Mu, which supposedly had much sophisticated civilization than ours, is said to have sank under the Pacific Ocean about 12,000 years ago. If someone visited the modern world from ancient Mu, what would their opinion be about the current human society?



Message for children

Despite the development of contemporary science, there still are some unknown things we have neither seen nor even imagined, such as the outer space, UFO, geobiont or microorganism etc. I believe that in the planet called 'the earth' where living beings are, it is possible to have had a highly developed civilizations like 'Mu' of South Pacific, even it was tens of thousands of years ago.

We can imagine and dream about things we have yet to see. Just as we make discoveries or find truth via deduction or hypothesis, I firstly tried to imagine freely. If someone from Mu made a space-time warp to visit us, they might just look like this.

重力飛翔 - はるか かなた GRAVITY FLY -Faraway

佐藤 慈男 SATO Yasuo

愛知県 Aichi, Japan

ed_15_sato IMG_0311.jpg



Concept of the artwork

Insects and birds fly in the sky. I have always been interested in the act of flying since childhood, and in relation to that functionality I think of the final proposition 'infinite liberation from gravity'. Holding a homing instinct to go back to the outer space, a form is given to the desire. Sticking to the egg-shaped stone, by its will and power to tear itself away from gravity, far away...



Message for children

If we could overcome the gravity and fly like insects or birds... Today, where man-made satellites are flying, our feeling and desire would start to grow to stick to the stone and take off towards the sky with own will and power on human-powered flying object.

Megaptera 大きな翼(ザドウクジラ)


神山 豊 KAMIYAMA Yutaka

神奈川県 Kanagawa, Japan

ed_16_kamiyama h_IMG_0096.jpg









Concept of the artwork

I make 'kinetic ocean sculpture' in wood under the theme of 'OCEAN'.

The title of this time 'Megaptera' is humpback whale, and also has a meaning of 'giant wing'.

Humpback whale swim by moving big pectoral fins slowly, which is as long as 1/3 of their body length.

I would like the visitors to enjoy the form of 'wood' which only emerges within nature with light and wind, and would love them to fully experience art. Also, I wish this work generates people's interest in 'the oceanic organisms and the surrounding environment'.

アフターアップル The after apple


石上 和弘 ISHIGAMI Kazuhiro

静岡県 Shizuoka, Japan

ed_17_ishigami h_IMG_0161.jpg



Concept of the artwork

A sculpture of the core of an apple might look a little sad as it is a figure of an eaten thing. However, it is possible to think that the lost energy around the core became a part of us who ate this apple. The act of eating does not intend to create a space, but a mark of it is a proof of conversion to life, and could be a fulfilled space as well. With this sculpture, I use architectural method to construct this shaved space (to make sculpture). Setting the core as a pillar, I panel the inside and create the entire space - from the floor to the pillar and the ceiling - as one space. As a result, there emerges an open space like a curved loggia, and it functions as a relaxing space for people as well. Inside the pillar is connected to the ground, gathering the rainwater and it helps the vegetation in Ube to grow.




catch and release とらえて はなつ

m_18-Catch and release-修正.jpg

岡田 健太郎 OKADA Kentaro

神奈川県 Kanagawa, Japan

ed_18_okada IMG_0208.jpg



Concept of the artwork

This big net sculpture is made of many straight iron sticks jointed together. We as human beings also live by connecting with many people and things in various ways. People live in connection with the big universe although it is not visible, and there are good, fun things and also bad things. However, it is us everything included, after all. I made this piece in such feeling. Through this net, the world and the scenery might look a little different than usual, or might not.